Associate Recruiting

At 5 Legal, we help the best Associates find the perfect law firm for their needs. We will guide you through every step to make sure that nothing goes wrong and all of your hard-earned credentials and experience are recognized with an offer from one of our prestigious firms!

Our approach is to take the time to appreciate what you want from your career. Not just in the sense of remuneration but in the way it fits into your world.

You want more from your profession, and the right private practice is the only way to facilitate that. Our clients are not looking to put someone behind a desk; they are looking for someone who will bring something unique to the position and then grow with them to be part of a truly great law firm.

We offer the route to an alternative life where frustrations over development paths, poor mentoring, personality clashes, and the lack of training and resources to develop your book of business are things of the past. To do that, though, we need to understand you.

Matt was amazing to work with when searching for a new role. He was constantly advocating for me and keeping me up to date. I highly recommend working with him when seeking a new position.

Austin Grossfeld

Our Process

In depth interview with Lateral Associate to understand what their ideal next move looks like.

Discuss known positions that fit Later Associates criteria.

If the Lateral is looking for a more tailored and proactive approach research firms that fit Lateral Associate’s criteria.

Advise prospective Lateral Associate to start compiling relevant information related to a move.

Run list by the Lateral Associate and confirm interest.

Approach either Managing Partners or Chair/Practice Group leaders to gauge interest levels on an anonymous basis (without releasing prospective lateral Associate’s name or firm)

Inform prospective Lateral Associate of possible interest and gain agreement in submitting info.

Submit credentials including resume and law school transcripts and possibly writing samples

Assuming mutual interest, schedule the first meeting.

Prepare client and prospective Lateral Associate for meeting.

Debrief both sides.

If interest is mutually high, continue the process of exploratory meetings.

Final meetings.

Final compensation discussions, and offer.

Acceptance of offer.

Prepare Lateral Associate for the resignation meeting.

Confirm transition and integration into the firm.

Follow up to ensure a good long-term fit.

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