Legal Recruitment comes down to 4 key activities.
Are you doing all of them the right way?


Searching through masses of applicants to find the right person for you can be a daunting and expensive task. With 5 Legal, finding the perfect candidate for your position is efficient and easy.


Attract the right legal talent and you won’t have to go looking for it. Using outbound and inbound marketing systems, we help your organisation to get candidates coming to you, so uncovering and engaging with the best professionals is never a challenge.


When you’re ready to pull the trigger and choose the right person for your position, you kick off what can be a complex affair. 5 Legal are experts in assessment and interview processes, ensuring companies like yours make the right choice every time.


Finding best-fit legal talent is one challenge. Getting them to stay can be an entirely different matter. We advise companies like yours on how to build culture, incentives and measures that keep people at your organisation for longer.

Have you reviewed your recruitment processes lately? Book a free, no-obligation recruitment audit call with 5 Legal and find out how to tune your recruitment “radar” to zero in on the right people.

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What’s the Real Cost of a Bad Hire?

Hiring the wrong people can hurt your organisation, but it’s difficult to get a firm grasp on just how much it can cost. Use our calculator to get the full picture on the real cost of a bad hire.

Talent Fire™ — The Better Way to Pinpoint Legal Talent

Recruitment, 21st Century Style

Using automated systems and digital strategies to position your firm as an employer of choice, Talent Fire™ works 24/7 to find you the best and most suitable person for any role you’re looking to fill.

A Wide Network to Work With

Using digital attraction strategies and a vast network, 5 Legal is able to engage with up to 97% of the Legal Candidate market, giving you access to the best legal professionals available at any one time.

Exhaustive Hiring Process

Leaving nothing to chance, Talent Fire™ is a complete and comprehensive hiring process specifically designed to discover, attract, engage, hire and retain the best legal talent for your organisation.

Access the Top 15% of Legal Talent

Searching through masses of candidates is difficult and time-consuming. With Talent Fire™, you get access to the best legal talent across the UK, making your search for the right candidate that much easier.

The Talent Fire™ Process



Digitally maps the market to know what In-house Legal market.



Understand your company values, and why should join your company.



Search the market to target the best Legal Professionals for your role.



Use our automated inbound strategies to attract the right candidate.



Engage with candidates to explore suitability.



If a potential ‘fit’ we schedule an interview with them to delve deeper.



Assess candidates through a rigorous process.



Present candidate’s CV, video introduction and Psychometric profile.



Choose which shortlisted candidates you want to interview and hire.



Blueprint document used to aid with motivation, development and retention.

Discover how our Legal Talent Delivery System delivers professionals in the top 15% of talent available across the North West. Download your free copy to read how recruitment is being redefined today.

What Some of Our Clients Say

Managing Director

Matthew has now secured two members of staff for us. He is very personable and goes the extra mile. We would definitely use his services again.

Managing Director

5 Legal have been an excellent recruitment partner for us. They have now found two permanent members of staff who have been excellent additions to our team. 5 Legal listened to our requirements exactly and have proved to be very efficient, communicating at all times throughout the recruitment process. We could not recommend them more highly and have not found the need to use any other agencies.

Operational Director

5 Legal have assisted us in recruiting a Senior Operational level candidate. We have found 5 Legal to be very professional, they have communicated with us throughout the entire process and have provided an excellent service. We will be using their services again and would recommend them for any Legal Recruitment needs.

How it Benefits Your Business

Making your legal recruitment easier isn’t the only advantage of working with 5 Legal.

Reduces Costs

Lower cost of hiring, reduced pressure on staff.

Reduces Time To Hire

Lower cost of hiring, reduced pressure on staff.

Removes Guesswork

Our recruiting system gives you peace of mind.

Access the Top 15%

Find and hire the best In-House professionals available.