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Who We are

Our founder, Matthew Leach, has practiced law in multiple environments and represented clients in a range of legal arenas. After seeing the frustrations of his contemporaries and experiencing personally the tribulations building a legal career can bring, he was motivated to make the move into the recruitment space. His empathy and innate ability to understand the motivational core of candidates, coupled with his analytical mind and knowledge of the law, brought him recognition and success as a Legal Recruitment specialist.

  • In 2015 it was time to do more, and 5Legal was created with the single-minded, laser focus of improving the way recruitment and human acquisition interfaced with the career needs of rising talent.
  • Matthew’s unique approach, depth of research, and characteristic ability to see the right choice of candidate for our clients is now the core of 5Legal.
  • Helping the best legal professionals reach their full potential is our ‘why’.

‘The foundation of our process is understanding.’

Our Process

We know the pain that comes from a mismatch between a Law Firm and the team within its walls, and we are here to help.

Finding the best talent requires more than just broadcasting vacancies or relying on a network of contacts. A general recruitment resource can do that. We are far from the average because we know your world. We believe that the real solution to recruiting legal talent at the highest level is knowing where the wants and needs of the business and the career and professional goals of the Partners, Associates, and team members intersect.

In that overlap, in the intersection of those component parts of the Venn diagram, there is a perfect match. It seems simple enough, and it is deceptively easy to state what is needed. The actuation of this process, though, is a different story. It is in the actuation, the practice of that goal, where 5 Legal stands out.