We Understand Your Pain...

Having spoken with hundreds of General Counsel over the years we have heard the same hiring issues over and over again.

The problems stem from one of 2 things - issues with your hiring process or issues with instructing Contingent Recruitment Agencies

Usually, companies instruct multiple agencies to compete with each other on the role, and even compete with their internal hiring team. The agency that find the candidate gets paid.

The contingent recruitment process, therefore, operates within a framework that is not
conducive to finding the best person available for the role and making a quality long term hire.

When you instruct multiple agencies to work against each other and against your internal team then they have to work at speed and don’t have time to go through a quality-driven process.

This leads to many of the common problems.

Do any of these sound familiar?

Hiring Strategy

No clear strategic resourcing plan that reflects the business needs over the next 2-5 years.

Knee jerk recruiting with no clarity on what you're looking for or the right budget for role.

Headcount freeze / friction means your continuously fighting for extra resources.

Internal salary levels too low, so salary levels offered are not competitive with no additional incentives.

Not knowing how to measure skill gaps or how to measure fit.

Hiring Process

Having too long a process, with too many people involved, that do not understand the role of legal counsel.

Deciding on who chooses the candidate, including unanimous hiring policies or GC’s initial decision being overruled.

HR/Internal Talent teams being too check-box fixated.

Length of time to hire too long for business-critical roles.

Hiring Skills

Not knowing how to source the best candidates or build talent pipelines.

Not knowing how to create job descriptions to filter out unsuitable candidates.

Internal HR team relies on outdated sourcing methods which result in candidates taking too long to apply. Takes too long to even get a job advertised.

Using generalist internal recruiters who don't have legal or in-house legal expertise.

Not selling your opportunity and brand properly to candidates or your talent pipeline.

Assessment Skills

Finding candidates with enough specific experience to fit the budget or who have a passion for understanding the business with the right commercial acumen and cultural fit. 

Poor and outdated Interview techniques meaning that candidates cannot showcase skills and experience.

Inability to assess candidates fully to know, how what is shown on paper, translates to actual skill in the workplace.

Subjective opinion of stakeholders may sway the decision on the right candidate.

Difficulty in identifying lawyers who have social and emotional intelligence and can develop a working relationship with the business and can apply their legal knowledge to operational issues in a way that assists the business.

Hiring Partners

Using multiple generalist agencies or agencies that do not understand your requirements.

Agencies pushing a large number of unsuitable CV’s that obviously do not meet the criteria of the role resulting in time is wasted.

Delivery by agencies not commendable or not proactive enough with the vetting process. 

Lack of honesty or not being straightforward in presenting the role to candidates.

Retention Strategies

Losing employees because of money.

Managing a Team; providing a challenging role.

Employers not being prepared to pay the market rate, or to incentivise.

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If you continue doing things the same way....

You are going to get the same results!

Repeating the same hiring mistakes over and over again could lead to:

  • You losing out on a performance bonus.
  • Loss of productivity within your legal team and the wider business. 
  • Employees losing morale and deciding to leave themselves, further compounding the issues.
  • You making the wrong hire which could ultimately cost the company thousands.
  • You having to instruct external law firms more often and therefore increasing external legal expenditure.

This could even bring into question the value of the in-house legal team!

You could even have your own expertise questioned, your company lose confidence in your ability to do your job properly and ultimately you are replaced!


5 Proven Steps for Hiring In-House Legal Talent

These 5 Steps take care of all aspects of your hiring process, freeing you up to deal with the rest of your

This hiring process utilises modern technology and cutting edge methodology which allows you to penetrate the whole of the Legal market to find the best Legal Counsel available.


Gain stakeholder alignment. Create Your Story. Create Your Tools. Discover Your Ideal


Map the Market. Build Relationships.

Create Content.

Proactively Engage your Ideal


Measure Fit.

Filter Out The Best Legal Talent From The Most Engaged

Suitable Candidates.


Compare The Best Applicants To Your Ideal Candidate
Persona Throughout

The Interview Process

Hire & Retain

Offer Your No. 1 Choice and Ensure They Join Your Team,
Add Value &

Stay For The Long Term

Take your in-house legal team to the next level.

When You Use Our Proven 5 Step Process The Results Speak For Themselves! 

No more:

  • wasting your time reading unsuitable CV’s and interviewing candidates that are clearly not suitable for the role as soon as you meet them.
  • wondering whether any of the multiple agencies instructed are actually working on the role, chasing them continuously for updates.
  • asking the Executive Team for extra time to sort this.

We will provide you with a highly relevant and engaged shortlist, along with all the information that you need to make an informed decision.

We will also provide you with the tools needed to interview and assess the candidates and retain your new hire!

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