Partner & Partner Group Recruiting

We represent Partners and Partner Groups in their search and selection process for their ideal next move and then we assist them in making their lateral and group moves.

We combine the experience and expertise of Qualified Lawyers and Legal Recruiters which allows us to utilise our deep industry knowledge and recruitment expertise to help Partners and their Groups navigate the complex process of partner moves.

If you are a prospective lateral partner we take a collaborative approach to lead you through a smooth transition that benefits all parties.

Our Process

In depth interview with Lateral Partner to understand what their ideal next move looks like

Research firms that fit Lateral Partner’s criteria.

Advise prospective Lateral Partner to start compiling relevant information related to a move.

Run list by the attorney and confirm interest.

Approach either Managing Partners or Chair/Practice Group leaders to gauge interest levels on an anonymous basis (without releasing prospective Lateral Partners name or firm)

Inform prospective Lateral Partner of possible interest and gain agreement in submitting info.

Submit credentials, practice composition, summary of top clients, and estimated portables.

Assuming mutual interest, schedule the first meeting.

Prepare client and prospective Lateral Partner for meeting.

Debrief both sides.

If interest is mutually high, continue the process of exploratory meetings.

Law firm’s LPQ submitted to prospective lateral.

LPQ returned to the client.

Final meetings.

Final compensation discussions, and offer.

Acceptance of offer.

Prepare partner for the resignation meeting.

Confirm transition and integration into the firm.

Follow up to ensure a good long-term fit.

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